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When it comes to buying or selling property, or planning for your estate’s future, there are often many uncertainties and challenges that come up along the way. Situations may arise that you did not anticipate, and you may find yourself unsure about how to move forward with a real estate purchase or sale, or future estate plan. Fortunately, Lugara PLLC has you covered in all real estate transactions and estate planning proceedings. 

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Lugara PLLC is a client-first firm that prioritizes communication, both in frequency and quality. We take the time to break down legalese into easy-to-grasp concepts so you can be empowered to make informed decisions about your assets and future. Whatever you need in your real estate transactions or estate plans, Lugara PLLC is eager to provide.

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At Lugara PLLC, we understand that legal matters involving real estate, trusts, and end of life planning are unique, and every case requires a nuanced application of the law. Our leading attorney, Lorenzo Lugara, is well-versed in both real estate law and elder law and can provide the resources, foresight, and precision needed to achieve your desired outcome. Lugara PLLC assists with drafting documents, navigating hearings and negotiations, and finalizing property closings and estate plans to ensure your rights and interests are protected.